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Wednesday, 21-Jun-2006 00:00
Dear all,
It started when I saw a posting on http://jzawoo.fotopages.com of a birthday girl. The shots have black background!!! How did he do it??!!

When I saw him again at http://jemster.fotopages.com barbeque, I asked and he explained. Thanks :)
After that I started experimenting. #1 (http://risyars.fotopages.com) was shot at the barbeque which was attended by http://axcad74.fotopages.com, http://psycho.fotopages.com, http://touchrmgo.fotopages.com, http://alynnsis.fotopages.com, http://odowsun.fotopages.com, http://foxart.fotopages.com, http://fadzliali.fotopages.com, http://dasheela.fotopages.com, http://redtarantula.fotopages.com, http://jeebsion.fotopages.com, http://raksasa.fotopages.com and http://ijad.fotopages.com.

I've been practising this technique since including at a birthday (thanks Jiji) for http://ggkuc.fotopages.com (pictures #7, #8 and #9). I still remember how yummy the cupcakes made by http://kakyongns.fotopages.com was. The cakes were really good!!!!

As usual, my other shots (#2, #3, #4, #5 and #6) were shot around KLCC (Yep! I was surrounded by a lot of people :P #6 was shot right in front of the entrance facing the park.) About #4, I think I shot it but I'm not 100% certain that http://switakon.fotopages.com was taken by me or by http://munzir-fauzi.fotopages.com. $-)

I'm just like a kid with a new toy, busy experimenting and learning :->. I've even emailed some photos to http://izhals.fotopages.com for his comments. Thanks...

Oh ya!! In case you are wondering how it is done. First you set both your camera and flash to wireless. Then, you change the shutter to be as fast as possible for flash use (in D70s it is 1/500) and the ISO to be as low as possible. Set the aparture to 5.6, hold the flash with your left hand at a side lighting position (careful that you don't cover the wireless sensor) and take a shot. If the background isn't dark enough, decrease the size of the aparture. I'm still experimenting with this form of Creative Lighting System. I still have more to learn and I hope to share more with you too...

Thank you so much again for visiting/commenting in the spirit of idea sharing where there is no right or wrong answer... Please keep visiting and commenting...
Have a great week and a greater week ahead... Keep on shooting!! :-) :-> :-D

Best regards,
Azli Jamil

ps: Just wanna share something, in most of my postings (this posting included), #5 is always my favorite photo... :->

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