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Monday, 17-Jul-2006 14:35
Dear all,

I've written about him in PEOPLE... THREE WOMEN... AND A MAN...
He's back in Canada now. At the end of each phase of his adventure, he would send email to people. I would like to share the last paragraph of the email:
" so strange driving up the road towards terrace. i've been to remarkable places, i've met remarkable people, but coming down that road i was excited to see the mountains pulling themselves up on the horizon. the spectacular sunset to the west offering perfect lighting to the skeena river and it's surrounding mountains. nothing like the snowcapped summer peaks to really tell you you're back. but if i'm back, how can i feel this distant from where i am? obviously i don't really exist in this world."
I really enjoyed reading that email...
I really wish him well in his future undertakings....

I met him in late March, on the day I got my 50mm f1.8 (waited 3 months for the lens). I got out of the mall eager to try out the lens, saw him, and the first sentence I said to him was "Hi.. Can I take a photo of your tattoo?" That was a Thursday and for the days 3 days we met in the evening. On Saturday evening, we were joined by his friend Arto. Both of them had spent 7 months travelling and working in Australia. They are so funny :)
Finally said farewell to them on Monday :(.
Recently, Tommi commented on PEOPLE... NINE PEOPLE NINE COUNTRIES... (He is Finland).
"hi azli..yeah nice shots!! i've been back home about 2months..its been really cool..and u know what??i just bought a ibook have a good time and thanks for hospitality.. Sat 1-Jul-2006 19:30 Posted by:tommy IP: "
His dream since he was 5 is to be a firefighter. I am certain he will do well!!

I am so fascinated with him!! He's not even 26 and he has seen more than 50 countries and has visited all 7 continents!!! Oh ya! Nomad isn't his last name. He told me his last name (French sounding). I forgot...
We met at KLCC park last Friday. We talked and later we went to Matic for the foodfest where he sampled some Malaysian delicacies. We met again on Saturday afternoon and agreed to meet again yesterday evening. I was really looking forward to sharing a meal with him at my favorite restaurant where I would get to hear more about his adventures. In the afternoon, I checked my fotopage and saw this comment:
" Hey Azli I wanted to let you know that it has been a real pleasure hanging out with you! Thanks for sharing your time and your love of life with me! I really enjoyed looking at your photos yesterday you do amazing work. I ran into a few friends of mine that I meet in Singapore @ the hostel and they talked me into heading North with them. All part of the life of a Nomad I guess? Sorry I did not have more time in KL. Best of luck with everything that you do. I look forward to seeing your work in the future. Keep on sharing and bringing color to the world! Your friend in travels! -Johnny Nomad Sun 16-Jul-2006 05:06 Posted by:John IP: "
I couldn't help feeling disappointed. But then, he is a nomad...
Nonetheless, do try and visit his travel blog http://www.johnnynomad.com
I guarantee you would enjoy his writings too. He is so witty yet insightful...

Thank you so much again for visiting/commenting in the spirit of idea sharing where there is no right or wrong answer... I really appreciate each visit and comment. Thank you again...
Have a great week and a greater week ahead.. Keep on shooting!! :-> :-D :-D

Best regards,
Azli Jamil


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